Meet Team 145's robot

Pictures of TRx 145’s robot are now up on our scouting page Here . Go check it out!

Hey, it looks like a great robot. It looks like you guys have a robot quite capable of stacking, since it looks like you have most of the things teams have found they needed after this first round of regionals. Here’s my stab at the robot. You guys can stack 6-8 boxes, can “right” boxes so that they are in the upright position, and you support the boxes using that yellow strap we see at the top of the stacking mechanism. Thats my guess. If I’m right about supporting the stack with the strap, how do you guys let it go?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Right now we can stack and hold 9 bins and there’s been talk about what we can do in the pits to go higher.
The ‘yellow strap’ at the top is actually a piece of surgical tubing we had tied on when these pics were taken, but was removed before we shipped.