Meeting minutes from 07/26/03

An e-mail from Ken Krieger

Hello again Folks!

We had a very productive meeting last saturday. We had a pretty good
turnout for the middle of the summer. Looking forward to seeing even
more folks at the next meeting.

Thanks goes out to Albert Wu for taking excellent notes during our WRRF
Meeting last Saturday.

Talk to y’all soon…


WRRF Meeting 07/26/2003

WRRF Membership: $200 registration

  • $100 per robot at CalGames (instead of $300)
  • $5 per person for WRRF Workshops (instead of $15)
  • Voting for Advisory Committee positions.
  • other perks.

Logo Design Contest:

  • $100 for the winner of the logo design contest
  • Submit by August 1 to

FIRST Update

  • 3 new regionals: Michigan, South Carolina, Denver.

  • SVR is week 5 (first week in April)

  • Minimum of one week between the regionals and championship
    (3rd week in April)

  • Sacramento and Pacific NorthWest are not set
    (either week 1 or 3)

  • Trying to get schedule up before registration.

  • Majority of Nationals Qualification will be the same as last
    year. On FIRST website in August. FIRST is reevaluating the
    even/odd system.

  • Kickoff and Ship Date moved one week later.
    Regionals not moved.

  • Local group is trying to get government funding
    for FIRST teams.

  • Zoe Lofgren is also helping to get funding.

  • Something is happening.

  • Bill that the appropriation request was in made it
    to the House floor.

WRRF Workshops

  • October 25, November 22, December 13
  • At SJSU as well as De Anza High School (Richmond, CA)
  • Topics: Electronics, Motors, Control System, Pneumatics,
    Programming, Interesting Mechanisms, Running a Rookie Team,
    Structures & Materials, Team Management, Robot Physics,
    Chairman’s Award Tips, Using Autodesk Inventor,
    Mentoring a FIRST Lego League Team,
    The Animation Competition
  • Possibly Running/Mentoring a BotBall team
    (may be integrated into FLL seminar)
  • Finalized schedule will be released in August.

Cal Games

  • Registration page is up.


  • At Woodside High School

  • Side Events: Human Player Competition,
    Obstacle Course, Sumobots on HDPE

  • Possibly an Autonomous side-competition.

  • Publicity for CalGames Needed

  • At SJSU as well as De Anza High School (Richmond, CA)

Whats happening at De Anza???

Workshops :slight_smile: