Megalon-Tech Industries

I thought I’d really try to start getting word of a future company that I am aspiring to eventually launch, given opportunities present themselves and such.

Megalon-Tech Industries

As of right now, it includes myself, a friend or two and my father as the webhost.
The website isn’t much of anything right now, mainly just there as a placeholder for the site once I get either some website creation skills or someone to do it for me.

What I plan for Megalon-Tech to eventually be, is what every nerds dream is, to develop video games. I know some of you are thinking “Oh, it’s just some nerd who will probably forget about his ‘company’ and give up on it”, but I’m going to try my hardest NOT to let this happen. I have a plan, and thinking far in advance as to what I need to do next to take this one step farther.

I myself have personally looked into several aspects of game development, as well as many of the things FIRST has to offer. I am an experienced scripter in the language Lua (mainly used for game modification (used in World of Warcraft, Garry’s Mod, Unreal Tournament)), I have worked with modeling, with FIRST use and use in development, and map/level design and creation.
Now I’m looking more towards the advertising side of things, and trying to get myself known.

As of right now, I’m trying to get some local business regarding websites, computer repair, etc. but it’s proving hard with an actual local business taking customers, mainly because I haven’t done any advertising. But, I proudly sport the gamer side of the business with the [MLT] tag on whatever game I play, a list is on the website

The point of this thread? To hopefully get some interest and support for MLT going.
I would maybe like to get some more team members if anyone is up for some fun.
I DESPERATELY need a new web designer, as my web design skills are horrid, as you can see from my bland website.
If you have any experience in scripting Lua, or are interested in learning in - let me know.

One big plan I have for the future, if I can get a license for an engine (I think you need one) is to hopefully create a game, a full fledged, stand alone game.
This is something that I would NEED a team for. Planned communication could take place over Skype, if we ever brought in money, PayPal could be used.

This is a subject that I take seriously, and I am really really hoping to turn this dream into a reality.

Comments? Questions?