[Megaphone] Automated Texts/Twitter/Facebook for Teams (2014)

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce Megaphone is back for 2014!


Megaphone keeps you up to date with your favorite FRC teams. You can sign up to get automated text messages when teams win/lose their matches, two matches before teams are about to play, when teams gets picked to be on an alliance, or when teams win an award. Additionally, you can automate your team’s Twitter/Facebook account to post status updates for any of those actions, to keep your fans and followers up to date.

We’re launching the website now, but we’ll be fixing up some of the rough edges over this coming week (for instance, you can’t change your phone number right now - that’ll be working soon). Other long term features will be coming, like mobile friendliness, password resets, etc.

To follow updates about Megaphone over the season (downtime, website changes, added features, etc) you can follow FRCMega on Twitter. If you find any issues, your carrier isn’t supported, or you want to give me feedback, feel free to message me on Chief, tweet me at FRCZach, or send me an email at admin[at]frcmega[dot]com

Additionally, I’m launching something new this year. Cheers! Cheers are a way for teams/companies/individuals in the robotics community to spread their messages. If you sign up for Megaphone, you’ll be receiving Cheers. You can read more about Cheers here

Thanks everyone! Enjoy Megaphone.

As a note: Since the website is completely custom this year, Internet Explorer won’t be supported. You’re welcome to try though!

Awesome work! Looking forward to using it!

Was an amazing resource last year, and will surely be this year too.


Thanks Zach, love this resource

It won’t me register :frowning:

Can you give me some more information? If something goes wrong during registration the input boxes should turn red. Private message me the email you’re trying to use.

It finally worked. It was not registering that I was even clicking the button! But now, the same thing is happening on the templates page for the posts. I can’t click “save”.

Hm. Are you sure? There’s no feedback on that button yet. Refresh the page. If the form is filled in, you’re good. If not, it’s not saving properly and I’ll look in to it.

my modifications were not saved.

Private message me the email you used to sign up. I’ll check it out.

Yeah same thing is happening for me when I try to change the tweets

Facebook may not be up for this weekend. I forgot to submit my Facebook app for approval. Oops.

Private message me your email address and I’ll check it out

Edit: Facebook auth is good to go

Edit edit: Aah. Template changes aren’t working properly. That’ll be fixed shortly.

Got it all set up tonight. Thanks for this. Hope you dont have too much fun troubleshooting this weekend.

Everything social-related should work now. If you connected your Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to reconnect. I’ve sent everyone an email about it. Sorry about that.

It’s all good! The new website and options look awesome! Now I can add a ton of archer references (our robots name is Babou) into the tweets that are sent out! Thanks so much!

For the “For Teams” page, I’d like to set it up for our public facebook page. The way it authenticates with facebook right now only allows personal accounts, which isn’t too useful for me.

Any way you could implement that functionality?

For sure. I’ll work on it for Week 2. Getting pages people are a part of isn’t as easy as getting their personal profile, so it wasn’t an initial feature.

Yeah I assumed such, no big deal - we don’t play until week 3 :slight_smile:

So glad Megaphone is back. This was super helpful last season, as a distance mentor (couldn’t be at all events) and as someone who’s in nineteen billion places at once at CMP. I never missed one of my teams’ matches, and it’s all because of the notifications.

I’m in the process of setting up my texts and @FRC1923’s posts as well. Thank you, Zach, for all you do! Will definitely be implementing Cheers as well - whatever we can do to support Megaphone and keep it around!

I know Zach said he’s working on it, but you can also link your FB page and twitter account to post the same thing - so you could have it post to a team twitter and then automatically post that tweet as an FB page status.

Can’t thank you enough for another year of Mega!

I don’t seem to be getting all the updates though. It very well may be my carrier, or perhaps the fact that I’m requesting updates for 21 teams this week. :rolleyes:

For example, 118 is one of the teams I’m signed up for. I just got a score from the last match, but I didn’t get a notification before the match started that they were up soon. However, I just got a notification that 148 is up soon.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Any ideas?