[Megathread] 2019 Ri3D Team Cockamamie Robot Reveal



Well, it’s been a few days since we at Team Cockamamie were last in contact with the FRC Community.

Regarding our first video: after it was rightfully criticized we all decided to step back and take a look at what we were doing with Ri3D. We were determined to put out something that wasn’t shot in one take and made in 2 minutes. At that point we were very excited to show off something and let that get to our heads.

Now, onto the robot we built this year!

We showed that we were working on a climbing system to get to Level 3 of the Hab Zone. However, this idea kind of fell apart as we went through iterations and realized that one thing or another didn’t work as intended. We spent too much time chasing an idea we knew deep down wouldn’t work within the 3 day build period.
As a result of us playing too long with a climber, our cargo carrier/shooter did not receive much love and was very hastily built. We know that if we had a bit more time we could do better with delivering cargo to the rockets, but we were at least able to get (not consistently) the lowest goals on the rocket and the goals for the cargo ship.

In the video we created, we wanted to speak about what we did during the 3 days and what went wrong with our robot. While the video quality isn’t amazing, we all believe that the production and content is miles ahead of the first video we put out.

Here is the link to our video for this year’s robot.

We also want to answer any questions you guys may have about this robot over the next few days, so feel free to ask. Some questions that you may have are already answered below:

*Yes, we are aware that we kept saying DEEP SPACE instead of the complete name of DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE presented by the Boeing Company.

*When we said 4-bar system we referred to the design of the system itself, but wen we said 3 bars we referred to the ball carrier being supported by 3 bars. I still get confused when talking about them so that was my fault.

*Regarding arm control, using a potentiometer is only one of many possible sensors we could have used. Limit switches and encoders are two other great ways to limit motion on a robot using sensors.

*We only put one RedLine motor into a Two Motor Sport Gearbox on our arm to get just a bit more reduction.

*We did not actually build a rocket or cargo ship to test with. Instead we played with plywood, totes, and tires to get as close as we could to actual field height.

*At the end of the video, yes we built a tripod with a 6-foot long piece of PVC pipe and a swiveling chair.

Again if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments. One of us from Team Cockamamie will try and answer your question within the next few days.


Your experiences with putting so much time into the Level 3 HAB climb while neglecting cycling are not going to be uncommon this year. Cycling is the most important aspect of this game and it should be everybody’s top priority. Explaining what went wrong for you will hopefully save some teams from the same experience, so in that sense this build has been valuable and educational for the community! The latest content is significantly better than the initial release as well!