I recently came to know about the new program.
“Megatronics” the program consist of combination of IT, EC and few more courses.
If any one is doing the course or planning to do and have the detail regarding the course.
Please share information with us. The efforts that made will be great thankful.

Details, please.
Where is the program? Where are you located? Where/how did you hear about it? Are you considering it for yourself or just curious about it?

I believe you are referring to Mechatronics which is the combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering to create useful products.

what the dude above me said. I know a guy who is taking that at Colorado state pueblo. He likes it.

Actually Zflash, I think that Mechatronics is a subset of Megatronics. Megatronics is the combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, Systems engineering, the AllSpark and an all-consuming evil desire to destroy the Autobots and enslave mankind.

Roll Out!

Hey, that might be helpful in developing a better autobotonomous.

Lol nice. Or maybe TeleOptimus Mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Well in that case we may have a tiny sliver of broken off AllSpark laying around somewhere for someone to borrow.

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At the University of Waterloo, Mechatronics is one of the engineering programs. It is sort of a derivative of Mechanical Engineering (same department), but has a considerable amount more programming and electrical education. Its sort of like a specialization, but starts in first year. As far as I know, they have given out a $5000 scholarship to one FRC student every year for the last while.

I have never heard of Megatronics, or at least certainly not north of the border.

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This would be a great team name…

Seriously. I might have to name drop this idea on future local rookie teams. The team uniforms and mascot alone would be enough cool points to justify this name.

No joke, though - I first saw this thread and initially thought a new Ontario team was continuing with the “-ics” tradition:

Simbot-, Sparton-, FESStron-, Patriot-, K-bot- :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a list of colleges with this as a major? I’m actually extremely interested in this just from what I’ve read about it since hearing this existed. So far I know Sierra and The University of Waterloo have it, but I’d like a better list and preferably to stay in the United States.

I’m in this program, but “Megatronics” is what my very-non-technically-inclined mom keeps calling it by accident. :slight_smile: