Melee Tournament At Next FRC Championship

We need to make this happen at lunch if possible (in a way that won’t interfere with the event of course) who wants to make this happen?

If this does happen next champs, we wont truly have an FRC Melee World Champion

Get wit da times bro. Smash 4 is where its at.

Jk but yeah if my team qualifies I’d definitely be down for a Melee (or Wii U) tournament

But which champs? St. Louis or Houston?

Will you pay to have the champion of the first tournament flown to face the champion of the second tournament?

Yes Absolutely lets make this happen!

Alright sweet

Why not both?

Ok so if we do this we are going to need at least 1 small portable projector (that works with either a wii or GameCube) and a white cloth with some kind of hanging stand (in case we don’t have a wall). Also of course at least one copy of melee and a memory card win everything unlocked (not including trophies).
The tournament signup should be online, the day b4 the tournament in the lunch room or table area or both.
And I think to speed things up and not create delays from the tournament we should use tournament mode in melee instead of tradional tournament style. We could still employ the same rules (4 stock, no items, and certain stages only) but maybe the stage selection thing should be simplified for beginners? And yes people would be locked to one character the entire tournament but this would speed up people who take too long to choose things.

Also tournament mode would do all the math and matchups for us even if people drop out.

Do you guys agree?

I am so in. If someone really wants to make this happen, I could bring a Wii, Melee, memory card, and spare GC controller. It would be kind of hard for people to fly out CRTs, though.

Ok so i’m trying to bump this thread and also I want to know if people are still interested in this?

I’m down. But i’m also considering the logistics of atleast a thousand (if not more)kids trying to have a tournamennt on one wii. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I doubt we will have that many people sign up and if needed I guess we could have two or three setups. (Preferably just one tho)