Member info bar (above post)

Question on the member info bar.

Its really wide. However, it’s also sometimes really tall. The text next to the picture dosn’t scroll way right like it could, rather it goes about 10 characters wide then goes to the next line. The same with the Join Date and all the reputation boxes. So when I am viewing it on my laptop (Win2k IE5.0) Matt Adams bar is more then half the screen.

Needless to say, this bothers me more then some sigs. I don’t recall if this does this on my desktop (Win2k IE6), but there I have a scroll mouse so I might just not have noticed.


Can you attach a screenshot of what you mean …

Not having any photo programs here, its embeded in a doc. If thats a no go, I can email myself and edit it on my desktop.

It does not happen on Philip (Win2k IE6), just the laptop (Win2k IE5.0)

So the screenshot-embed-in-wordpad results in a 2.26 meg file, I’m working on editing it now. Ok, 80k is better. :slight_smile:


Oh wow. That’s no good.

I’m going to blame it on IE5 not supporting a new(er) CSS tag or something along that line. Any chance you could upgrade to IE6 on that machine?

Thats what I expected, browser issue.
I would prefer not going to 6, but perhaps IE 5.5 will fix it. Otherwise I can deal.



5.5 should fix it, because thats what this computer (Oconomowoc HS) is running and it works fine…

I’m on my gfs computer now, and it has Win2k with IE 5.0, same problem.
Gonna update to 5.5 and will let you know if it works.


Well I would, except that Mircosoft has decided that you can only upgrade to 6 now, no longer can you get 5.5.


The site seems to be down at the moment, but you could get old versions here: