Member of multiple (FRC, FLL, VEX) teams in profile/user control panel?

My question regards the feature found in

User Control Panel > Edit Profile section of CD.

How can I make myself a part of more than just 1 FRC team, or 1 FLL team, or 1 VEX team??

Currently I am just a member of #0237 with the pulldown option of FRC chosen.

I am now a proud mentor of a great bunch of local FLL kids.

How can I show this in my CP (and thus in my profile above my posts)???

Here’s how you do it right now, without any kind of mods to your User Control Panel. :stuck_out_tongue: If you choose "FRC as your competition, it will display FRC #xxxx (team name) in your profile, but you can make it display FRC #xxxx (team name), FVC #xxxx (team name), FLL #xxxx (team name) or any other combination of these if you want. All you need to do if go to the “Team Name” box, and type in the following:

team name), FVC #xxxx (team name


team name), FVC #xxxx (team name), FLL #xxxx(team name

All you need to do if replace the first “team name” with your FRC team name, the “#xxxx” with your FLL/FVC team number, and the second “team name” with the name of your FLL/FVC team, and so on. Do not add a closing parenthesis after the last team name, as it will show up as having two parenthesis’ in your profile on your posts.

I think it is just done by typing FVC or FLL or whatever in the “Team Name” section of the Profile so the secondary team will appear after the first one.

It’s a hack, but it works.

In my profile, my team name is listed as “Woburn Robotics); FRC #1114 (Simbotics); FRC #1503 (Spartonics”. The parentheses are filled in by the existing script. The team number remains FRC #0188, so that that’s displayed in the first position.

Brandon mentioned that this is probably the best way to do it for now; an update to the forum to allow several teams is probably somewhere at the bottom of his pile.

Edit: Hmm, they’re quick with the replies too.