Meme thread. Get ready for a Discord invasion.

Discord would actually have to be organized to invade.

EDIT: Added meme.


fun fact alt+0160 sets off the swear filter…

If you’re gonna post memes make sure they follow the rules of CD tho. Dont want to get banned right before the season starts…

900 has the best memes


Pre-Bag day 2017 robot

Wow, that was quite the invasion. We barely survived that sheer wave of posts, nearly one per day.

At least you had one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just gonna…

Hmmm… That’s a big BLUE button you have there… :eek:

Does Discord even work anymore? Last time I tried signing in, it was 5 minutes of clicking cars and road signs before it would e-mail an authentication link which had expired by the time the mail arrived. It’s degenerated into a Mechanical Turk for captchas, hasn’t it?

They said weigh the robot:

Aren’t captchas amazing? (extreme sarcasm)

You’re welcome.

are those memes ever going to invade

You saw the invasion. One guy claiming to be from the Discord said there was an invasion, and then the invasion ended right there.

That was just columns 1-4.

The fifth column was Matt.

Nobody knows who the sixth column might be…