to the best of my understanding memoization is a way to cut time it takes to traverse a tree. i been told, i have a big tree (2^32), to use memoization because it can save time.

my problem is trying to understand how to creating caching system, one code told me that i should store an array of values but how would the indexing work on that?

do i need to add another parameter to my recursive function to store an index position or what?

anyways, thats the problem and i solved it with a recursive functions but it takes way to long to traverse the whole tree.

anyways, i was told to look for the “knap sack problem” and “dynamic programming” on google, i did and it lead me to memoization. i know the knap sack problem is a lot like my golf problem.

Does this have anything at all to do with FIRST robotics?:confused:

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