Memorial for Mentor Greg Sollie

Hi all,

This is just a note that Mr. Sollie will be remembered tomorrow in Baton Rouge, La at Catholic High School from 4PM till 6PM. If you’d like to read his obituary, it is located here:

Notice what is asked for instead of flowers. Truly an amazing mentor.

Best -

He seemed like an amazing man and mentor. I’m sorry for your team’s and community’s loss. Team 4300 give you our condolences.

On behalf of Team 1511, I extend condolences to your team, your school and to Mr. Sollie’s family. Just from reading the obituary, I can tell that he was a great influence on everyone around him. I hope that the memory of the way he mentored all of you will remain as a positive influence for the future.

RIP Mr. Greg, the Baton Rouge robotics community will miss you.

Team 3991 sends our condolences as well. We were unfortunately unable to make it to the service this evening, but we send our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and the entire Catholic High Student body. Mr. Greg will be dearly missed among many of our students who worked with him through FRC and through Habitat for Humanity. And to the members of team 3606, we are willing to help in any way we can this season. As always, you guys are always welcome at our build space and we would be honored to help you all through build season. If ya’ll want to contact us, please email either me or our mentor, Bruce Bowman.

Best Regards,
Team KnightVision, Episcopal High School