Memory Madness

One of the highlights for anyone attending the Where is Wolcott? Invitational is getting to participate, or watch, the half-time all human player game we have at lunch. For those who attended this years event, you know we played a fantastic game called Memory Madness.

Now that WIWI is over, Dom asked me to put the game rules, as well as the generator on to CD to try to get other events interested in giving this a try.

The Rules are:

About the Game: This game will be played on the 2011 Logomotion field with the triangular, circular, and square tubes (including the ubertubes). Teams of three players each will be formed prior to the game, and will compete to proceed to the next round.

• Teams of three will gather on the field at the time of their match, and tubes will be scattered all over the field.
• Teams will then be shown a 3x6 grid (we used a computer generator) that they will have to recreate on the racks using the tubes. The teams will be given 10 seconds to look at the grid
• A 50 second period will follow this immediately where the teams will attempt to hang as many pieces as they can. When fifty seconds has expired, teams will clear the field and the racks will be judged.
• A team can declare that they are “finished” and all gather in one of the feeding stations at the opposite end of the field (inside of the field, not where the human player typically stands). Once all three team members are in that feeding station, the members must ALL dance the chicken dance to signify they are finished. This will affect scoring in the result of a tie.
• The winning team will advance to the next round; the losing team is eliminated
• Teams will receive 2 points for each tube that is correctly hung.
• A complete row of tubes that are correct (a 1x6 row) will grant that team a bonus 5 points.
• Any incorrect tube will result in a deduction of 1 point each.
• If a tie occurs, the first team that is “finished” and has danced in their feeding zone will win the match. If neither team has declared themselves finished, the team with the fewest number of deductions will be given the points. If there is still a tie after this, the match will be decided by the referees.
• Points will be added together at the end of the match and the team with the most points wins
Additional Rules: If any of the following rules are broken, it will result in a disqualification for that team
• No deliberate popping of tubes
• No knocking tubes off of the opposing team’s rack
• No hanging tubes after time has been called
• No hoarding tubes

The creator of the game (Dom Bozzuto) also made a generator that will make the configuration the team needs to remember. It also has built in timer set up, and it’s a great way to help run the game. (It works best when thrown up on your audience screen for the event). You can get it here:

We would love to see other events give this a try. Just let us know that you are so we can see where else this has caught on.

Thanks to Dom Bozzuto for coming up with this game. It went over very well, and was a huge success.