Mensa Workout

After Brandon posted up the Encarta grammar test, I decided to go and take the Mensa practice test…

Go to and click the ‘Mensa Workout’ tab on the left to take the 1/2 hour IQ test.

“Your score was 22 out of 30. That is a very good score, you would have a good chance of passing the Mensa test.”


Btw, I did it in 14 minutes and here are the #s of the ones I got wrong… just to get an idea of what other people got wrong…

Some of those were just dumb mistakes and some were just hard to think of… but I congratulate ANYONE WHO GETS #19! That was insane.

Oh yeah, don’t cheat :wink:

25 out of 30 (in 21 minutes), but I’ve taken other IQ tests and I’ve figured out the trick to answering some of the questions (like the she likes this but not that type questions).

I did get #19 right :smiley: but then I love words and word games!


IQ is important but so is wisdom and luck can beat them both on a good day.

I got 24 of 30, not bad.

I made some stupid mistakes but mostly it was the word puzzles that got me.

26 out of 30 for me. The only ones I missed were 3 of the word puzzles (13, 16, and 19) and one where I mis-counted (6). Feels nice to have the highest score so far.

I spent like, 22 minutes according to my computer’s clock. But 27.

Day took a while though.

and 19 is insane. I want to see someone use it in a sentence in real life :stuck_out_tongue:

Missed the months one, question 7.

And missed #25, couldn’t find the pattern in that.

#30 was just partially luck, I didn’t see a real “series” in there…

And #18, I got caught by apparently what normal people don’t see, why is it so hard to see? But got it by trying different starting places…

Some questions were deceivingly easy… A circle has 1… ??


25/30, 20 minutes (while IMing with my girfriend… heh, what’s ADD?)

Wrong: 7, 15, 16, 17, 19

I didn’t guess, so these 5 were the ones I left blank.


gee i feel dumb…
i must need a nap

Your score was 25 out of 30. That is an excellent score, you would have a very strong chance of passing the Mensa test and joining Mensa.

I got number 2 and all the word problems wrong (english never was my strong point - #13, 15, 16 19).

Just another one of those “fun” internet tests, it doesn’t tell anything about how much/what you know other than your problem solving skills (strong points/weak points).

These tests are reflective of our need to have a leg-up and the other banalities we fill our day with so that we don’t go to sleep feeling worthless.

(Someone asked.)

It took me 16 minutes… I got 20/30…

28/30, missing 8 and 19. The anagram problems are hard (or just take a long time)