Mentor Available for Bay Area!

If there are any teams in the Bay Area (preferably within an hour of Berkeley) looking for a mentor, I would be willing to come help out! I am currently a freshman at UC Berkeley and I have been working with FIRST for the past 7 years. I have worked with FLL, FTC, VRC, and FRC, and have trained multiple teams over the years. More recently I was a recipient of the Dr. Bart Kamen Memorial Scholarship, so I can also answer any questions you may have about that! Please let me know if I can help you or your team in any way!

Check out team 841 or 4047

We still have an opening but I bet the commute would be a deal-breaker…

Maybe just show up at a local kickoff event and ask around?

Good luck, and study hard!

You can contact the Regional Director or Senior Mentor in your area and see if there are any teams around looking for mentors.

Remember also – school + FRC = a LOT of work (I’ve been there, it’s not for everyone)

I completely 100% can’t emphasize this enough. The other problem with college student mentoring is that teams that need mentors need **consistent **mentors that can show up and take on a role within the team, that is much more difficult to do when school starts to pick up. Not trying to discourage you, just keep in mind why you’re there.

I don’t mean to be a drag, but don’t forget that you also sort of have an obligation to the memory of Dr. Kamen to do well, especially in medicine. I also learned that mentoring can wait. If you feel comfortable though, take a few small steps at a time.

Stay focused, and good luck!

Hello, My name is Eric.
I’m part of the Richmond High School’s FRC Team 841: The Biomechs.
The team is always looking forward to receiving any support.

I will PM you our contact information.