Mentor Event: Post ship relief party (Detroit area)

Before I get started, I discussed this thread with Brandon before I posted. We’re all cool.

If you haven’t heard, I retired from FIRST mentorship before the 2017 season to focus on a business venture with two other now-retired FIRST mentors. It’s called SuperNatural Spirits and Brewing in Livonia, MI.

**We’re having a post-ship day mentor relief event on Wednesday, February 21 starting at 6:00 pm. ** The goal is to get some mentors together to share some commiseration on the 2018 build season, and hopefully get to know the other local teams a little better.

Wear your team shirt and get 10% off everything. We’ll also have a small drawing for a few fun prizes and a couple of SuperNatural gift cards. Maybe Dean Simmons and Lars Kamen will stop by with some autographed copies of the “No Sleep Till Ship Day” single :).

For location and directions, you can find us on Facebook or at

I hope to see you there.

(Also: keep an eye out for special discounts during the 2018 Championship Event in Detroit.)

Awesome! I had my team shirt on anyway when I was there last Saturday night :smiley:

862’s regular hangout in Plymouth closed down (good bye Box Bar), we had a large table up there a couple weeks ago. The food and service was great, hope to be there.


I’ve been told that we’re making it 20% off of everything if you wear your team shirt. Sorry for the mistake.

Good luck to everyone on bag day today!

If a mentor from Baltimore was coming back into town would they be considered crashing the party?

Was thinking about stopping by for a bit and talk some robots with folks from Michigan :slight_smile:

Of course it won’t be crashing the party. Stop by!

Thanks everyone for stopping out last night. I hope everyone had a good time. I think we had around 50 different FIRST people come through the door.

We plan on doing something like this again during the week of the Championship event in Detroit. We’re thinking Wednesday night, so let us know if you think a different night would be better.

Good luck to everyone in week 1.

Got caught in traffic on 75! AHHH good to hear it was a good time however :slight_smile: