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Are Inventor drawings made by mentors allowed in contest?

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I am not sure. The rules on the Inventor award don’t come right out and say it (I took two or three good looks at them as I am on my team’s Inventor crew), but I would guess that they would much prefer the students to do the work with mentor coaching.

The award is meant to recognize excellence in the use of the Inventor suite of products, for taking your designs from concept to manufacturing. As with many aspects of FIRST, there are going to be areas where Mentors take a strong lead. For this award, our hope is that all submissions are from student efforts.

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So that we can all be absolutely clear about this, is this your personal opinion, or an official position statement from Autodesk? If it is an official Autodesk position, will this award requirement be included in the FIRST-issued documentation, so that all teams can be made aware of it?


So models from other sources such as the KOP or FirstCadLibrary are not to be included in this effort? :ahh:

I don’t remember ever seeing anything in the rules for the AIA concerning whether the submission is student-created.

For our team I always drew the line at the COTS vs custom break - just as with the VKoP and FIRSTCADLibrary models, if it was provided to the teams I figured it didn’t matter if the model was made by a student (preferably) or by a mentor. Since I’ve been with the team, virtually all custom parts, part modifications, assemblies and animations are done by team 103 students.

I would hope that, as with their other endeavours, all teams would exercize gracious professionalism in the AIA. I also hope that I don’t start a flame war by saying that IMHO, submitting for AIA with a professionally-created entry would not be GP.

Why don’t you use this as an opportunity to allow your mentors to teach your students how to perform whatever special tasks are needed, that only the mentor can do. Then the student can do it himself and we have no discretion.

Any models provided from KOP or the FirstCADLibrary will not affect the team score. Using them wisely and taking advantage of them where appropriate is of course recommended.

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Very well stated. Please use your best judgement. We do not have an official rule, but we do our best to discuss the top entries with the teams to learn about who worked on the designs.

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