Mentor Involvement Survey

Hi everyone!
I’m doing a research paper for my freshman writing seminar on robotics mentorship. The key things I’m trying to figure out and write about are what gets mentors involved with robotics, and what keeps them involved for years to come.
It is mainly targeted at FRC mentorship, but I tried to make the survey applicable to mentors of all educational robotics competitions.

If you are a mentor, and you are reading this, I would appreciate it if you filled out this short survey:
It’s not particularly long, but it would greatly help me with my project.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Filled! :slight_smile:


Submitted!! Good luck with your project!

Would you be willing to share the results when finished?

Submitted and I second that.

I’m not sure. I don’t necessarily want to reveal everyone’s personal motivations for joining robotics to everyone else without their express permissions, but the information is also unlikely to be particularly sensitive information, so I should be able to.
We’ll see when I’m all done- I have to get some non-CD people to fill out the survey as well, or there will be an inherent bias of who is filling out my survey.

I would like to thank the 91 people who already filled out my survey just from seeing it on ChiefDelphi, and also RoboticsMemes on Facebook for advertising it as well:

You have survey enjoy your statistics exercise :slight_smile:

Submitted! I too would like to see the results when you are finished.

An easy way to not reveal potentially sensitive information is to not release any names/team numbers and then categorize responses such that the data is more generic. Unfortunately that means you have to parse through all the data by hand, but I feel like you might be doing that anyways.

Done and good luck at RIT where my daughter is going.

Seconding Katie: releasing either interpreted data (charts, graphs, etc) or a CSV with the personally-identifiable information scrubbed could be interesting/useful for others.

You could post the aggregated results. Show the percentages should not disclose any personal information.

Or include a question on the form that says if you are okay with your results being open to public or not.

It’s a little late for that one with over 100 responses submitted.

I think I’m going to go through the data and release some sort of aggregate results at least. But that’s when I’m finished, and that’s a little while from now.

Some of these are absolutely inspiring to read. But a few are also very personal. I might PM a few of these individuals personally before releasing some of the responses, even if they’re all mixed up.

I just submitted mine. Please let me know if you need anything clarified. My history coaching is long, despite how young I am and how few years I have in the program.

Also, on the note of publishing stuff, I would be curious to see the hours put in, its nothing personal about it and I think the stats would be cool to see.


I agree it would be interesting to see the motivations of others who are involved.

Also, I posted this thread in FIRST Ladies and FIRST Alumni! I wish you lots of wonderful responses.

Guess I will just have to be quicker on the draw next time. Locked one in and sent it out. Keep us posted!