Mentor Opportunities in Central Florida

Hey Guys! I’m in the central florida area and about to move to UCF area and I’ve been looking for central florida mentoring opportunities preferably for FRC. I did FLL in Middle school as well as spent 3 years on Team #frc233 and Team #frc1592 and after taking some time off for college ive decided im ready to return to FRC. If anybody in the central florida area can help me out please feel free to DM me! I’m sorry Im new to the new chief Delphi format and wasn’t sure where to post this.

but if anybody can help in the central florida area please DM me :slight_smile: thank you!

I recommend reaching out to a senior mentor in your area, they’re very familiar with the local teams and can help match you with one that’ll be a good fit.


will do! thank you !

You should also reach out to the Orlando Regional Director Wendy Austin (@wendymom here or [email protected]) she’ll know where to point you.

(And as an added bonus, she’s been known to feed robotics transplants who are new to the area.)


I know that 1902 is very close to UCF.


Very helpful I sent her an email thank you very much for the reference!

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1557 is in eustis which is a short drive from Orlando depending on what side if town you are and has been having limited mentor availability for the last few years. If you or I’ll get you in contact with one of the current mentors


Talking to Wendy and our local senior mentors are all great ideas to get in contact with teams who need the help.

In addition, if you’re studying at UCF, I highly recommend joining the UCF Alumni Club, KnightsFIRST. We’re a pretty new club that is just getting off our feet but it’s a great opportunity to meet other alumni, find volunteering/mentorship opportunities, and participate in events to support FIRST in FL and other local STEM programs.

Email us at [email protected] or join our discord at the link I PMed you.


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