Mentor recruiting

The Texas Institute for Educational Robotics @ Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas has a summer recruiting campaign seeking mentors for new FTC teams that we are helping support. TIER will host a FTC tournament in the spring of 2009. We are using this 5 minute video when we give talks at local corporations. There is the possibility that we may air the following 30 second ad on cable television this September when we air our 30 sec team recruitment video.

Excellent video & commercial. Best of luck getting some mentors. :slight_smile:
The Tier program looks great, wish NC would get behind robotics with something like that.

A great way to connect mentors with a local team is by using Mentor Search. This website allows mentors to find a team in their area. It would be great to have all the mentors that you recruit sign up on the website to help them find a team.

Have you or any other C.D. members had any success with mentor search?

thanks for the suggestion:)