Mentor Salary Covered

I would have stuffed this into the “Things said during build season thread,” but it was after build season. In fact, it was after our competitive season was over: Part of a conversation after just two post-season sessions with one of the other Mentors (F is a freshman; S is a senior):

OK, we’re on the same page with F. He had a level of focus that started high on Monday, and was totally engaged Thursday. Between what he and S have been up to, Mentor salary covered.

F hit “bought in completely” during the AZ competition, and went from amused gamer to FIRSTer (Roboteer? (almost Engineer :slight_smile: ) in our post-season work.

S, our first four year student, went from “where’s S now?” to “S wrote that code, it’s going to work.”
(and it did)

What a Mentor lives for in FIRST :slight_smile: