MentorBuilt is requesting help

In my daily searching of various satirical news outlets I found a new article on MentorBuilt today.

Apparently our snarky friends are in need of all of our assistance to help make google forms more useful for scouting. I sent in my request to make this change will you?


Appsheet solves that problem pretty nicely tbh along with actually being able to use it when internet isint available (which Gforms also fails at).

Only downside is that you have to pay to use it.

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You got my hopes so high only for them to be crushed at the last minute.


Are you sure it not free? It might have changed since then, but I remember using it for free 2 years ago for as an inventory app for work.

We’re looking at $30 for the entire season, with 3 teams making use of it throughout the season. If you dont mind pushing really the boundaries of the free version, you can get up to 10 people on the “dev” setup.

The $30 also does not take into account their non-profit pricing, which would cut that in half, but we are not taking advantage of this.

Theres a free one, but its limited to 10 people and cannot be used in “prodiction”. Technically, this means you break their TOS by using it in comps. They did change their pricing setup late 2018, not sure how it was before then.

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Appsheet also takes some effort to get up and running and have the UX be helpful. I’ve been playing with it for the last few weeks and its still not where I want it.

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