Mentoring New Team

Hi Patrick

Awesome - you will have a great time as a new Mentor, with lots of ups and downs along the way. Lots of great teams and Mentors nearby - do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. I assume you already know Steve Cremer - First Regional Driector - he is a very good resource as well.

I am a Mentor with the Walpole High School Robotics Team 1153 in Walpole, MA. I have been involved as a Mentor for about 10 years. We are nearby, but likely a 30 minute drive. Feel free to call or email me anytime - we would be happy to assist in any way you would like. You are also welcome to swing by our shop/robo rooms at any time - generally we will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-9pm, and 1-9pm on Saturdays from kickoff thru the NE Championships.

Mark Gallivan
Walpole Robotics Team 1153
508-878-8261 cell and texts


Hi, I am one of the mentors on Team 3236 in Franklin, MA at Tri-County RVTHS.
I sent George a couple of e-mails seeing how you guys were doing. (I live in Bellingham so I saw a couple articles about you guys starting a FRC team)

Let me know if you need something.

Brian Rhodes

Team 3236

I’m going to plug a document myself and a bunch of other community members worked on:

The gist of it is as follows:

Read and watch Karthik’s talks.
Talk to older teams!
DON’T JUST DO TEAM STUFF DURING THE SEASON! Robot season may end but robot year is 365.25!

Good luck!

Hi Brian I am sending you an email now.