Mentors and Volunteer Pins

I have been a mentor since 1999. I have received a volunteer service pin at every major milestone until last year. Last year I was told 20 year pins were not available. This year I was told mentors didn’t qualify for service pins, only volunteers. While I am grateful for the volunteers and the work they do, I don’t understand why their service is recognized but not mentors. Is this a local issue or is everyone seeing the same thing?

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Registered mentors do get a mentor/coach pin as recognition for each year around the time of Kickoff.

I don’t know about volunteer pins, but I got my mentor pin (in the mail) this year, just as in past years. If you were registered as a team mentor on the firstinspires website on the deadline (December something?), and didn’t receive a pin in the mail, perhaps there was some kind of error.

I also got a mentor pin in the mail.

But as a volunteer I picked up the white-red-blue years-of-service pin. Those are distributed to event volunteers at events–it’s been that way since I started volunteering.

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I’m confused as to how FIRST’s YPP policies affect mentor recognition pins.


Mind elaborating on how this is relevant?

This season I got a 15 year pin from one of the Northern Calif. competitions; I just went to the volunteer desk and asked. I’ve been a mentor all that time but wasn’t asked if that was what the pin was for.

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Same (except the location/15-year part). Honestly I’ve never asked or been asked how I count time for the milestone I’m asking for, though for me it only varies by an offseason. I’d venture to say that it’s a “local issue” insofar as it’s not even discussed ubiquitously. My guess is it was some well-meaning volunteer at an event checkin counter if that’s where you were told, but it’s possible that my neck(s) of the woods are doing it “wrong” rather than yours. I spent some time Googling for it to no luck, so if it is a confused volunteer desk I’m unsurprised.

It’d be nice if HQ said something. It never occurred to me that mentor time wouldn’t count for folks, and if it doesn’t I think it should. Everyone deserves their bling!

(Not sure if this is part of what’s being asked, but I also don’t think I’ve ever received a milestone pin in the mail, just normal ones, though I only just tripped post-HS double digits with FRC.)

Yes and I have everyone I have gotten. I wear this year’s pin and my 15 year pin everyday at work. That pin and my time in the program prompts a lot of people to ask about the program. I find it funny that we make a point of having mentors stand anc show their years of service at the competitions but outside the competition wd don’t see any value is displaying the commitment of mentors.