Mentors Needed

Hello CD! Team 4 ELEMENT is in need of mentors. Our current lead mentor is moving away in a few months. After the enormous amount of time and dedication he has devoted to the team, we all feel that a mentor(s) is greatly needed for next year so that we may continue to do well. We’re looking for someone with experience in FIRST to step up as lead mentor and become a part of our team.

This year, Team 4 placed 5th at the Las Vegas Regional Competition. Our assist bot, named Hitmonchan, was effective at intaking and passing (we also shot into the high goal and over the truss during practice). Every year, Team 4 utilizes a powerful 6-wheel west coast drive base known as ‘Team 4 Taxi’ that shifts gears.

Team 4 ELEMENT is located in Van Nuys, California. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a mentor for Team 4. Thanks for reading this!