MENTORS: Peer Editing and Proofreading for Dean's List Submissions

Hi fellow mentors!

There is very little time to produce your submission for the Dean’s List Finalists on your team. I’m willing to help out the same way I assist the kids: I make small suggestions on your essays, check for proper spelling and grammar, and help you revise until you are under the word limit.

I know there’s not much time for an essay that would mean so much to two students on your team, but I’m here to help. We all make mistakes, and we want to submit the best possible nomination for the students. It’s always better to have someone take a look rather than to realize two weeks later that you’ve made an egregious mistake. Engineers don’t always craft the “perfect” essay, and English majors don’t always design and build the “perfect” robot. Let’s help each other out here and there, shall we? :slight_smile:

If you know my email address, feel free to send it along right up until the deadline. If you need my contact info, send me a quick note or email through ChiefDelphi and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Best of luck!

(Don’t call it a comeback - I’ve been here for years…)