Mentors Unite! Chat

Hey Mentors and College Students,

This Saturday, Nov 12,2005, MU Chat will happen at 7:00 ET PM. Some issues like team building, fund-raising and getting ready for the up-coming season will be discussed. We are always looking for new mentors to join, so come out and support.

All chats occur in an AIM chat room, so you would need a screen name.

Hope you can attend!!!

P.S: The name of the chatroom on Sat is : Mentors

I would seriously consider adding something random to the end or the beginning of that chat name or making it longer.

I don’t know how many times our simple chat names we make get bombarded with strangers.

Just add a number at the end. Maybe your team number for the heck of it.

Just my $0.02

Wish I could be in this one, but I’ll be out teaching workshops all day. Best wishes to you all :slight_smile:

Yeah, hes right, some people come into chats that you would never expect people to want to use the name of. :rolleyes:

But none the less, it sounds like a good idea.

I’d like to participate, but you haven’t given directions for finding the “AIM chat room”.

If you click on the “chat” button on your buddy list window, another window will show up where you can enter your own screen name and the chat room name. Once you have those two things down, click on chat, you will be in. Hope to see you in there. It’s awesome when Engineers come in and join us. :slight_smile:

I will try and participate as well, however I will be at a SCRRF meeting until the early afternoon. I will probably show up a little late to the chat.

The only “buddy list” window I have is part of iChat. I don’t think that’s the one you’re talking about, and it doesn’t have a “chat” button in any case. Exploring the rest of the iChat screens, I do see a lot of references to AIM, so it looks like I’m close, but nothing mentions chat rooms.

What application has the “buddy list” with the “chat” button on it? Keep in mind that I don’t use Windows at home, and my primary computer is an iBook.

I may need to brush up on my skills, but maybe Trillian is compatible with a MAC, check and see compatibility. Otherwise the MACs we use at school, we have to install Virtua-PC for Windows based components. =] Good luck, by the way can anyone tell me the time for Florida, I am illiterate to time conversions, lol I have no concept for understanding time conversions, I guess now would be a good time for some help in learning, maybe a link?

Will iChat accept invitations to chatrooms? Someone else who is in the chatroom can send you an invitation to join the chatroom.

Reminder, chat tonight at 7:00 ET PM

Hope you all can attend!!!


OK … so help some of us old guys out (for next time) …
I don’t see a “chat” button on my buddy list. I can find a chat option which is for inviting a buddy to chat, but nothing referring joining a chat/room. Attaching a screen shot of my AIM window - if someone could help please … :confused: :o :frowning:

click the chat button at the bottom, then type your screen name in the box to invite. by default it will give you some crazy chat name like :
“Chat 6535368371485752414”

change that to “mentors” and click send

you will magically be transported to the wonderful world of mentor chat

Thanks … never thought of inviting myself … :o :stuck_out_tongue:

You can join these kind of chats in iChat by clicking File > Go to Chat… (Shift + Command + G) and then typing the name of the chat.

(At least you can in iChat 3.1 on OS X 10.4.3)

If the topics were non-engineering like teambuilding and fundraising, would someone like to post a recap in the NEMO forum for those of us who were busy makng dinner and completely forgot about the chat until it was all over? :o I’d like to continue the discussion.

OK, the chat this week will be move to this Thurs, Nov 17,2005 at 7:00 ET PM due to logistics from SAT. This chat will consist of anything, you can speak YOUR mind. So hopefully you all can be there!


The following SAT, Nov 26,2005 chat is cancel due to Thanksgiving weekend.

Chat tomorrow night at 7:00 ET PM, Nov 17 2005

Anything and everything that YOU want to share will be discuss !!!

Please try and make it and have your opinion on matters be heard


You guys intentionally pick times that are bad for me, don’t you?

Always open to make new times and dates for the Mentors Unite! Chat