Mentors Unite! Logo

The below information was borrow from IndianaFIRST to compile rules for the logo. I appreciate IndianaFIRST for using the information.

The guidelines are as follows:

Must be an original logo that does not infringe on the copyright of any other entity or organization

Must convey name and goals of Mentors Unite!

(Mentors Unite! is a monthly chat that we discuss everything and anything that is regarding FIRST or team issues that are occurring with your team.)

The colors tones are sliver for anything but the lettering is lime green

Must be submitted in a .jpg format(300X300 and 150dpi) as well as Adobe

Photoshop format(At least 300 dpi and a resolution of 800X800).

Any fonts used must be free from copyright restrictions

Submissions must be in by April 15,2006

The Winner agrees to forfeit all rights to the logo to Mentors Unite, and will hold no claim of copyright or ownership of the logo. The logo shall become the property of Mentors Unite, and as a result, will use the logo for their own purposes.

Email your logo at Mentors Unite! Logo

Looking for some help!

I also forgot that, the winner logo would be feature on a t-shirt accompany with your name and team number.

The winner will be decided by our next chatroom meeting, actually during the meeting, we will vote on it!