Mentors wanted-detroit/UM team up Very good idea.

I’ll be there!

Does anyone have a team roster for this facility?

From a recent e-mail…

Teams 440,515,903,2048,2224,2591,3002,3069,3096,3115 and 3119 have signed up to work all or part of the time at the Center.

247 will be there as well.

How do you sign up to participate in using the facilitates for your team?

Contact Ken Snodgrass for details. His info is at the bottom of the article.

…Ken Snodgrass at (248) 851-7618 or

We are still setting up at the FIRST Robotics Detroit Center but we will do our best to accomodate all Detroit area FIRST teams. We have already scehduled programming and electronics workshops every Tues and Thurs during build season. Bring in your problems and we’ll help you fix them.

I’ll continue to monitor this thread.

Ken Snodgrass

Good luck with this program. It would be nice if you had an open house sometime, love to see the set-up. Heck, you could charge a used tool to get in. I’m sure alot of teams have an extra screwdriver laying around. Do you need any help from people that are not that professional but care about the program?