MentorSearch version 2.0

MentorSearch has been upgraded over the last few months!

Teams that need mentors will post their location
Mentors who need teams will also post their location

You must register to use the service. If you already mentor a team, you can try out the service and hide your location.

This site is still in the Beta version, so please give us feedback if the site is too confusing or doesn’t work.

New updates to the site:

  • New training resource
  • Email notification of new members in your area
  • Table view your closest matches near your location

Really cool. Is there any way that you could make it so that people could request mentors for say the FRC but also want to mentor the FTC or VEX?

The training info section is really awesome :slight_smile:

Currently we haven’t implemented that yet. But a way to do so is to register for another account with another username and email address.

Thanks for the compliment, feel free to suggest more training resources we can link.

We are trying to use the full power of the FIRST community to help connect information to new mentors and teams.

After creating my account I was unable to log in…

Other than that, it looks like an amazing resource! Thanks for puting this together!

Interesting , what browser are you using ? PM me your username, i can try to debug why its not working.

thanks for the feedback !

After you submit the registration form for an account, MentorSearch will automatically log you in as long as you have cookies enabled.

If you are still having trouble logging in, feel free to PM me or lynca and we’ll help you debug the problem.

nvm. I got it working :slight_smile:

“looking for mentors” accounts should be able to display a team number.

Thanks for the suggestion. “Need mentors” can now input a team number for others to see.

Keep the suggestions coming!

If you are a team which is looking for a mentor, or if you are a potential mentor looking for a team, this can be a handy tool. But I also encourage you to contact your FIRST leadership team in your area - one of the FIRST Senior Mentors’ roles is to locate mentors for teams in all the FIRST programs who need them. And remember, it’s got the be the right fit - there’s a process that should be followed when looking for mentors - but that’s another thread topic!

Is it just me or is the site down? The links above and manually type in do get a “Page Load Error”.

works for me.

I use MentorSearch quite a bit ! As with many other volunteer run websites, mentorsearch sometimes gets “Page Load Errors” since Content Mangament, apache and the DNS servers fail for unknown reasons.

But the site will usually come back up in a few minutes if it has an error. errors are usually pretty rare maybe twice a month or so.

Yeah I checked later and it was back up.