Merging files

I’ve started getting ready for the competition this year, nothing major just thinking over last year’s problems. One problem I had that really bothered me was putting two files together. It worked for most of my files but files that included people threw me. Whenever I tried to import a person into the scene it would always look fine, but then as I moved the file up or down before dropping it the person got pulled and warped one way or another. I ended merging the files together without moving it, and then doing my best to move the person up into position. However another problem I encountered is that his biped continued to import incomplete. It was a real pain as it was never resolved, we did really poorly in large part because of it. In the second animation we just didn’t have moving bipeds. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Dont use bipeds. Another reason why I tell everyone to not use bipeds. They are horibble and cause headaches. Every character i import that has a custom rig comes through with no problems.

Listen to me when i say this, get off the biped addiction, they do no good. Learn how to rig your own models and you wont have any problems. If you need help I am here for you and can guide you to making your own rigs.

sure, I could use a guide. How would you suggest tI get started, and keep in mind both my team and I are too poor for any software thats not freeware

Its all in 3ds max. I suggest reading up on Bone, bone tools, and skin modifier in the refference guide. That will give you someplace to start and then if you have any questions from there feel free.