Merry Christmas from Armabot!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and is ready for build season! We have a little Christmas addition that teams may be interested in. The Ethernet Infinity Reel is essential for keeping your Ethernet cord organized on the practice field. It sports a mercury filled slip ring so your signals pass flawlessly with out the need to unplug while keeping your cord managed.

Ethernet Infinity Reel

Merry Christmas!

I love the concept, hate the price (slip rings are expensive!) :). If this provided a guaranteed way to ensure the team didn’t break the plastic Cali on the Ethernet cable, I’d be sold. I can’t count the number of cables we’ve tossed after breaking that thing.

You mean where the Ethernet cable plugs into the roboRIO? Last year we used a hitch knot (with the cable itself) on one of the robot uprights to strain relieve that connection. Was easy to tie / untie for practice.

Having something dedicated could be nice and less wear on the cable. Open to trying out ideas people want to share.

I am surprised you had no cable problems. After years of working with ethernet cable installation, I learned a small kink somewhere can stop data from flowing. I would never recommend tying a knot with the cable.

Hi Andrew,
Where in the reel/cable is the slip ring integrated? Not clear from the description…

That’s good advise, we were trying to manage the cable while doing the crossing scale autos at high speed, not easy and it’s a huge concern of mine that the cable would get snagged and break the roboRIO ethernet port.

The cable spool has a hollow tube shaft, we mounted the slip ring to that tube shaft. Then we made a custom PCB that interfaces the slip ring connections to an ethernet port. The cable goes through a hole in the spool and plugs into the ethernet port.