Merry FIRSTmas

Wow it’s an amazing thought that in a little over 13 hours almost 3,000 teams from around the World will embark on the journey we all call FRC Kickoff. It marks the opening of a brand new season in which thousands of students from across the globe will be inspired in STEM. Rookies know you are not alone on this path as teams will help if you just ask and understand that you are just as important as the any other team. Veterans try new things, reach new heights, and accomplish your wildest dreams. Students think outside the box or computer screen and strive for greatness while also maintaining good health and grades. Mentors push your students to the boundary and guide them to the answers that you already know. Parents, Volunteers, and Sponsors thank you and we hope you continue to push this great competition. Most of all to everyone that gets to read this remember to Have FUN. The stress of competition will get to everyone, but understand that this is still a game and as far as I know no one has ever frowned or gotten mad after a game of connect four so make FRC true to this as well. Build each other up on accomplishments and understand that failure is a fantastic option if you learn from it and get better from it. Everyone can be like Edison, who was kicked out of school for being “stupid” or Disney, who was fired for “lacking creativity” as long as your preserver through your struggles to achieve success.

Merry FIRSTmas everyone,
Now go out, get some sleep, and build the greatest robot you have ever made.

Back to work all of you!

GOOOD MORNING TEAMS ITS KICKOFF! As we get ready to head off to our kickoff we wanted to wish all teams good luck and see you at the competitions!