Mersin Off-Season'19 | Turkey Off-Season Event

We’ve had the pleasure to host or communicate with you in the past couple years, and we hope to see you again this year in Turkey!

There are some events and opportunities about which we wanted to make sure you were informed. 

We wanted to let you know about a couple off-seasons we have coming up in Turkey run by Turkish teams (Not the foundation) in the next couple months!

On October 18-20th 2019 A three-day Off-Season event will be held in Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, at the Servet Tazegül Kapalı Spor Salonu - Afetevler, 32. Cd. No:2, 33110 Yenişehir/Mersin. Junior Robotics / Team R3D3 Mersin are organizing this event. 

They are hoping for up to 44 teams. Their planned schedule is: Inspection/practice on the 18th, as well as a mentor dinner, qualifications on the 19th, and the elimination tournament on the 20th. 

The event should be a lot of fun, and the opportunity to experience part of Turkey’s gorgeous Mediterranean coast before/after would be a great experience.

The organizers are also offering sponsorship to cover their hotel costs. (For this purpose, assume a team is 10 students and 2 mentors)

The registration fee for this event is 750TL (~120 Euro). If you are interested or have any questions about this event, you can contact the event organizers here: [email protected]
4 Likes If you want to watch the Mersin off-season it is ongoing now.

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