Message Boards w/o MySQL

I was wondering if there was a message board software out there like those php ones or something that didn’t require MySQL. I’ve talked my server into php but not MySQL so I need a substitute. Thanks!

check out

there are quite a bit of different php message boards listed there, some require mysql but some dont. there are non-free boards and there are some free ones as well

you seem to have an interesting host. i dont see why they would allow php but not mysql or some other database. you should still try to convince them otherwise, using a database its quite to your advantage

another thing you might do is put mysql on some other computer somewhere, i’m not sure about php features and modules but i know the perl dbi module is capable of connecting to remote mysql servers (not just the webserver itself). i think mysql is a service in general so i bet the php stuffs can do this also

it would allow you to run a mysql powered database but if the mysql server isnt in a local area of the webserver, the site might be kind of slow…

good luck

YaBB comes to mind, but there are a lot of less extensive ones out there; all you have to do is search. I’m not sure if Phorum must have SQL either. The Woburn Robotics Forums are hand-coded for an example of a simple Perl one, so you could explore that idea if you have the means.

i remember one a few years ago and in know its still usable now and its sql free… i don’t remember all its name but check out it should be listed there…

Before vBulletin, we used wwwboard:

It requires Perl, and thats about it [unless they upgraded it alot, or something]

Bandon, thanks for that, actually that is the type of forum i was thinking of… Its not the best for organization, but it works w/o MySQL.

Hey ibob,

I host a few other FIRST sites as a sponsorship type thing. If you, or anyone else would be interested in that, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].

A bit of what we offer:

»Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
»MySQL databases
»unlimited email/ftp accounts
»A bunch of other oddities

»Ensim Webppliance Pro (3.5.3)

-Randy has a setting where you can use a DBI database (stored as a file on the web server, no sql database required)