Message Date Format

It may have always been this way, but I just noticed that the date for a message is now in the European format of dd-mm-yy. I looked in the User CP, and did not see an option to change to the USA format of mm-dd-yy.

Mine are MM-DD-YY…

User CP > Edit Options, then scroll down to Misc Options box and change Forum Language from English (24 Hour) to English (12 Hour).

Unfortunately there is no way to have 24H time without the weird Euro dates - I would much prefer if the 24H setting came with the ISO standard YYYY-MM-DD dates.

Thanks! I saw that option, but did not think it would apply. I wonder how it might have been changed, or if I never thought about the date?

It changes on it’s own occasionally.
I think when I accidentally hit keystrokes that pop down to the bottom of a thread and change it there.