Message to Team 433 re: Q&A

In Q518 and Q519, you ask about an adult mentor helping to remove the robot.

Here is the issue: Per Section 4.5 of the manual and H05, at an event, you will be given Five Buttons for the Drive Team, which includes one button for the Coach (which may be an adult or student).

Only people with a Button will be allowed into the Field area. So, if the Adult does not have a Coach Button (the only button an Adult may wear), the person will NOT be allowed anywhere near the field to assist with the Robot.

Anyone with a Button can be on the field to do whatever to the Robot.

Regarding Q518: The only difference between a Driver and a Coach is that the Coach cannot touch anything (or be on the Airship) once the match starts. So, a Driver can do whatever a Coach can do.

This would be correct. Drivers, human players, and coach can set up the robot, and take the robot off the rope, and off the field.

But coach cannot touch game pieces or controls once match has started.

What concern drives this question?

Also worth noting: Q518 does not allow this team to have a six person drive team, with one adult coach who doesn’t do anything. You’re still limited to five people, and the coach counts against that even if the coach doesn’t do anything. The Q&A doesn’t make that very clear.

This thread is … odd … to me. Any reason 433 can’t just get their official answer, and then ask follow-ups like usual?

I didn’t know a) you are on the GDC b) the GDC was answering questions on chief delphi instead of the official site. Jamee? JB? Is that you?

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I was just trying to give a little more color than yes/no that GDC typically gives.

I think the GDC has shown more humor this year than ever.

Even the rules in the Game Manual have humorous lead-ins:
H15. Seriously, GEARS stay installed.
G21. GAME PIECES: use as directed.
G20. Let ‘em climb: don’t touch their ROPES.
G07. Opponent touching their ROPE: don’t touch them.

And don’t forget Steamacrit.