Messy Desk Competition

After seeing this post, I decided that’s Brandon’s desk wasn’t the messiest. So, who’s desk is messier? I’ll start it off with mine.
I just cleaned my desk last weekend.

Here’s mine.

desk? whats a desk? :yikes:

aww, shucks, I was away for a few days and my mom threw out/hid all my crap, its kinda clean, now. I’ll get back to this thread in a week or so.

not even close- you can still see the wood

WC :cool:

Just wait till after this hurricane hits…then Ill have a messy desk for sure :yikes:

you should see what is officially called my desk … you cant see it … you cant work on it… there are piles of papers EVERYWHERE … but the sad thing is … to me it is organized … i know exactly where everything is on it … and even sadder is the fact that school hasnt even started for me yet and when it does … i will have 6 courses worth of work to add to it … good thing im getting a second desk soon …

i will take a picture when i get some film …

There was a messiest desk photo contest on one time.

They all far exceeded your masterpieces :wink:

May look clean on the outside, just dont jump inside of it… i think its radioactive. also the surrounding area there’s audio chords ever, i just dont walk around too much haha

I would have had the best messy desk but i just cleaned it off, it took me about 30 mins.

The only reason i cleaned it was because i had some homework. Not being in school for a few months put the top of my desk out of commission.

There’s mine. Computer on the left is a Fedora Linux box, computer on the right is Windows XP, my main system. Cleverly hidden behind the blue machine is a huge tangle of wires. I think I’m a fairly strong contender.

I forgot all about this thread, and then realized I didn’t post any pics…

Old computer which I’m trying to redo on the left, current workhorse lappy in the middle, and new (to me) lappy running Windows 3.1 on the right from Jay on my team. (Thanks Jay!)

Any other junk you see and want to know more about just ask me.

Oh, and that fish bowl thingy that I was debating on getting a fish for is on the top left hand corner of the top shelf of my desk.

Cat with round fish bowl on stomach… Kinda cute… I guess. :rolleyes:

Decorating tip (officially NOT advice on pet fish :wink: ): Since the fish bowl has an orange cat, a blue betta would make a nice contrasting color for a brighter effect. Especially once you get your desk cleaned.

You are my new best friend… :smiley:

Look at my links to my side project in my signature.
Specifically my idea for the final color combination here.

Everybody makes fun of me for liking those two colors together…