Messy robot rooms

I know that when it gets down to crunchin time, our robot rooms can get really messy. Who can beat this? post your pictures!! This pic is from 2000.

Lets just say that we were only in that classroom for one year. It wasn’t very much fun to sweep up the metal shavings that were imbedded in the carpet. The principal moved us down to the Tech area this year. But the bad thing is that we have to clean up every night because there are classes in there every day.

My team Last year had to clean up every night also. There were classes in there everyday. On the other hand, the clost they gave us to put everything in at night… well, let’s just say that people couldn’t find there way bsck out. I wish i had a pic to put up.

I have the great advatage of being a tech teacher and I use my classroom and my shop-
which is great!!
also most of my students get sucked into FIRST (wheather they want to or not)
so I have a huge viable pool of people to help build and more importantly CLEAN

but I also feed them with lots of free pizza

we scored a deal with the local dominos to give us pizza!!
for the 2002 games


team497 -who can already feel his arteries hardening from all the future pizza scarfing

Beware of pizza grease and robot parts. Last year my team got free pizza from Papa John’s and got grease all over our parts and tools. That made it tough to work sometimes.

We used an old shop room that was converted to a class room. We had to keep all of our stuff up in to lofts in the room. We had to clean up every night because there were a couple of classes in morning. I still can’t figure out how we got some of the stuff up the stairs.

We cleaned our upstairs room nightly, but the main floor always had robot parts on it. The High Priest’ll get some pics if he can find some.

we rambots had just enough people to make a mess, and also just enough people to throw the mess into a car

Who’s car was it? If you say Anton’s I’ll laugh.

I think our shop could easily beat that on one of its messy days…

to bad i didnt take any pics of it


hmm i couldn’t find any pictures of our messes, but i saw the pizza in your pic…


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**hmm i couldn’t find any pictures of our messes, but i saw the pizza in your pic…

Patrick **

thats a lot of good lookin robot food. chain grease on hands + eating pizza = yummmmyyy!!

Well we are lucky because we have a tech class and we use that and a seperate room that has all of the tools and machines in it. And we have enough storage too. but at the end of 6 weeks building everyting in the class has metal shavings on it. Its a very nice decoration.

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**Who’s car was it? If you say Anton’s I’ll laugh. **

varying…cuz only 3 people who were there everyday till really late had cars
mostly mine, rilleys and antons

*Originally posted by patrickrd *
**hmm i couldn’t find any pictures of our messes, but i saw the pizza in your pic…


We hardly ever get pizza. Random poeple will bring McD’s with them b/c it’s the closet food place to SFHS (where the SPAM Pit is) and we get subs from Publix every Saturday. That and the engineers are big on no food. Drinks that get spilled often are okay…but no food. A pic from the SPAM Pit when it first opened is the attachment.


attachment deleted to save space.**

We got our pizza twice a week. The other nights we would take up collections, leave everyone on their own, or I would have some sort of baked pasta ready (the latter was a team favorite but it only happened when I had notice the day before).

We always had a ready supply of snacks & soda, and since I’m a rather light eater, I’d just take a napkin full of chips and a soda, and that’d hold me until I got home at about 12am. Other people often went out, and we actually had a huge pizza party the last night.

at some point during the night, usually around 9 or so, someone would comment that theyre hungry, and either wed all pile into a couple of cars and go somewhere, or more likely, someone would drive up the street to star market and buy a lot of stuff there for cheap.

We would have snack stuff stored in out closet too but that was never enough to hold any of us over. We all ate like little pigs.

at star wed get a couple of big bags of chips, a couple of 3 liter bottles of star cola, and anything else that was a good deal. we bought tons of food and never payed more then $10 or so…then we all ate like big pigs.

We’d try to talk parents into buying food for us. It worked sometimes. Not to often. Late nights were a def. no. It worked mostly on weekends.