Met Dean Kamen today...really

Posted by Alex at 02/22/2001 5:08 PM EST

Engineer on team #405 from Richmond Community High and Infineon Technologies.

It almost didn’t happen because of an unexpected snowstorm that hit Virginia. Of course he piloted his own jet and landed it in the snow. The only other vehicle on the tarmac was the plow. He was very interested on the overall effect FIRST was having on the students, and also if the girls were as involved as the boys were. He, and his staff (yes, staff, four people)wanted to know if the not so hard core technical students were becoming more involved in the project and taking a greater interest in technology. I work for a memory manufacturer and he was up to date and asking questions on our products and packaging methods. Pretty good for a guy working alot in the medical field. He had a lot of questions for us about power devices for driving motors, maybe a glimpse of what is to come?? Yes, he wore denim and, of course, we gave him a denim shirt with our logo.