Metal Muscle Team 1506 Rookie Website - Please take a look!

Hello all!

Please take a look at our website!

We’re the new rookie team from Kettering, and we have kids from about 5 different schools.

We will be attending the Detroit Regional.

Let us know what you think!!!


Nice simple design, but it seems kind of a long page. Might you want to bring all the content higher up on the page so the top fourth of the page isn’t just blue? Also spell check all your stuff, I noticed something about a “calender” in that flash thing on the home page.

www, should be . Other that that, I really think you’re web site will be one of the web design winners next year. You’ve accomplished a clean-cut design that really helps further the site, and I must say the embedded flash object on the main page is really neat. Something I would suggest is combining the students and mentors page. I would agree that there is more scrolling involved than, for example, , but I felt that it didn’t detract from the site at all. One thing that I’m a stickler for when I’m visiting other teams sites is ease of navigation and I have to commend you on “mike-proof” navigation system, it passed my test :wink: . Best of luck at the Detroit Regional, and I hope to see your team at Nats. in the coming year!

Michael, “The Crate Guy” Greenley, Team 341

I personally don’t think it’s that bad for your first team website. Good luck in the season 1506!


Hey thanks everyone. I have made those, as well as many other changes.

I appreciate all feedback!


Viewed at 1600 by 1200, it looks sweet. :slight_smile: I like it. Sleek, simple, professional, informative…what more can you ask for?

A few improvements:

Add more contrast between the background behind the Forum Categories and the Forum Categories themselves on the team forum. The whole black on dark gray thing strains my eyes.

Why not make the US FIRST and Kettering Unviersity logos links? Not entirely necessary, but I sort of expected them to be links and they weren’t. Your call.


I made the rest of those changes.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good font that looks like metal with rivits. Kind of like the new “team america” movie posters; the text used on the title.

Any suggestions?


I’m really impressed with the fact that it is a tableless website, with exception of the very bottom on the first page. XHTML and CSS websites are fast loading and gives you much more freedom with the design of the site. This year, I’m going to be helping with our students (Cyber Blue 234) as we create a completely tableless, XHTML and CSS website.

Keep up the good work, you have a nice site going there. :]

I would suggest checking out That have many good fonts, and that is the first place I look for any themed font.

I agree and think that nobody should be doing table-based design in this day and age.

Notice how using green Comic Sans helped me get my point across.

Very tasteful website! It has a clean and easy to navigate presentation. I like that you say what you are about, emphasize cooperative learning and student leadership. Many teams seem to let this get buried, if they have it up at all.


  • I didn’t see a mention of what high school(s) you’re associated with.
  • How about putting your location on your homepage? (I never did find where you are located anywhere in the site, except by going to the Kettering site).
  • Team contacts. Make it easy for people to get a hold of you. This is my pet peave about many team websites: make it easy to find team contact info and keep it up to date. I was trying to contact some teams in Florida last June and San Jose in Sept. and found that most of their website contacts were not “active”. In some cases the email addresses were out of date and in others they went to accounts which weren’t being checked.

I would recommend something to make the transistion from the boxes to that blue less harsh. Maybe you could lighten up the background color to a paler blue, or prehaps add a border like 1px solid black or several borders to gradually fade to the BG color in about 4 or 5 pixels. It’d make it feel smoother and “pop” a little bit more. I’ve always though full blue was a bit extreme.

It’s just kind of spartan the way it is. Functional and good code, but kind of rough around the edges.

Nice work though.

I’d HIGHLY suggest changing the forum scheme

(shows the “New Posts” image as the background for the catagories).

Other than that, it’s a pretty good website.

** NOTE: I’m not sure, but the problem might just be me using FireFox 1.0 RC1 **

Looks good. Clean and simple often makes the best design.

Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, my brother is on that team, now :wink:

hehe, Matt is a good kid.

Pleasure to know his big brother has a lot of experience!

very odd how things work out sometimes.

have a good one.


I’ve updated a lot. It has a new logo now, as well as more functional “links”. Also, i removed the one table at the bottom for the sake of having a “tableless” page.

Hope you all like it!

Could you lable the different tables on the front page? Also there seems too be no logical order or layout on the main page. Other than that it’s a good start.

nice site alex, u still gonna be in the same unit as last term? i’d be more than happy to stop by and help the team once school term starts back up.

Very nice site. Though simple, it’s not as simple as Pac-Sonic 1.1. Anyway, this site is quite the eyecatcher. Keep up the good work.

So what is pac-sonic 1.1?

I have made some new updates. Take a look.