Mexican team attending to AR regional

Do you know which Visa is needed to attend to FRC event from another country??
Our team want to attend to Laguna Regional MX and Rock City AR so we are getting passport and Visa.

Might be less confusing too folks if the state were correct -

AK is Alaska, AR is Arkansas.

Don’t worry, I know people who have mistaken teams from Arkansas for teams from Alaska (AK) and Arizona (AZ). Turns out most people stateside don’t even know the abbreviations for other states (or their states… god our educational system is sad)

Team 3478 has competed in the US a multitude of times - perhaps reach out to them.

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I think the best advice would be to reach out to other FRC teams in Mexico that have traveled for events in the past. I would also suggest calling your nearest US Consulate in Mexico (Here is a list). Also take a look at the two sites below for more information.

Apply for Nonimmigrant Visas
Directory of Visa Categories

I would think that you would need a B-1 or B-2 visa, but I’m basing that on a very quick glance at it.


Thanks everyone.

The issues with passport and Visa it’s ok.

I just want to tell you we were accepted. (7577)


at this past year’s Dean’s list lunch at worlds, one of the winners was listed as being from AK, instead of AR.

Awesome to know! We look forward to meeting you and your team! Let us know if we can help you out.

I’m looking forward to seeing you (and possibly inspecting your robot) at the Arkansas Regional!

Of course, last year was our Rookie year, and this is our second season.
We will struggle with many things, even with the language, almost all my team don’t speak English. Just the coach and me.

Last year at the Arkansas Regional I was assigned to a rookie team from Brazil. They had one mentor and one student with decent English, and I had two years of Spanish class nearly forty-years past and a few fifty-year-old stories about the differences between Spanish and Portuguese because my mother went to Angola after my father had been fatally injured. We made it work, even when I had to communicate with the team members with no English, and use hand signals to communicate things like flashing lights. It’s really amazing what you can communicate when both parties are trying.

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Thanks, is better to have some good advice about it.
Here in Laguna Regional we had a very good time with the inspectors, they were so kind and helpful.

Hope we can meet there.

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As an inspector, my goal is always to get teams to competition, safely. Helpful, yes - especially in helping teams meet the rules, but also often in helping them improve their robots when I see an angle they missed.

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