MI Regional Videos?>

Well where are they? i was under the impression that they were being archived. if not i’m going to be very depressed, tons of great moments would be lost forever. well any info on when they will be showin up and or if they exsist somewhere and i just can’t find them, that would be sweet

Many can be viewed in SOAP’s archives:

Many of our match videos are here:

We also have all the matches from the District Events that we’ve been to (including many in full HD). I’ll upload them if people want them.

Do you have video just of your robot or of the whole field? I am in process of downloading everything on the Vimeo site.

Please note the website which soap108.com points to is actually firstvideoarchive.com. Due to technical difficulties soap108.com is unable to run as planned.

I will be putting the rest of the westmichigan regional videos up in the next day or two between work and life I have been working on 4 hours of video at a time. Most/all of Lansing is already posted.

-Mike AA

I’ll talk to Corey (the one that was running the casts). I know he was archiving the feeds, and he planned on getting them on TBA as soon as possible.