Michigan District Events Webcast!

Code Red Robotics has launched our new webcast viewer environment called Code Red Alert. This is in beta but should offer a superior viewing experience with access to the most recent scores including penalties and bonus points for each alliance.

It also includes a twitter account for each event and some other nice additions (all beta).

This Weeks events:

Cass Tech: FRCCassTech

Ann Arbor: FRCAnnArbor

The links to the webcasts can still be found at:

All feedback is appreciated!

For some reason the match schedule posted for Ann arbor is the identical schedule as Cass Tech.


The problem was fixed shortly after your post I just finally got a moment to reply back.

Thank you so much for the heads up. I hope you enjoyed Code Red Alert’s maiden voyage.

The Event Twitter Feeds should be live tomorrow. Today I found that my in house testing server has no problem tweeting with my code but my off site server didn’t like it very much but I think I have the problem fixed.

All Feedback is welcome!

Can someone tell Paul and John to sit down so we can watch the webcast?! :wink:

Still scary to see you both together. Good Luck guys!!

Holy cow. 217 and 2960 destroyed that one match.

Although, I’m wondering, is 2960’s robot legal? They change the direction the balls roll above the bumper zone(like left vs. right) …so isn’t that considered an active ball mechanism above the bumper zone?

Just curious, but seriously, 25 to 1 is beast.

That is 469’s robot not 2960’s and it is legal because they change direction before the ball touches their robot.

Hey Corey, thanks for this. That red box made a nice place to keep my clipboards. :smiley:

No problem, easy to spot and work well!

Not a problem Gary! :slight_smile: We designed it to be very versatile! I had you in mind when we included the item storage device feature, otherwise known as a flat surface perpendicular to the floor.