Michigan Gray/Smoke Polycarbonate

Does anyone know of a source for 0.06" smoke/gray polycarbonate larger than what Andy Mark sells (24x24) in Michigan (or at least not California)?

We were able to get some from WCP, but if you looking for somewhere local, these guys are great. Be aware that the thinnest they offer is 0.125" thick and they sell them in 4’x8’ sheets.

We really should request a group buy for next year for total plastics to do 1/16th smoked. They are great to work with, but don’t offer the thin stuff.

I would also love a sheet of 0.040 or 0.030 smoked.


We have the stuff in .030 thick.

And it’s pretty good stuff. Got some for Ri3D this year and have bought some for FTC as well. Shipping isn’t too bad either (especially if you’re getting some of the small stuff anyways).