Michigan off season events?

I was wondering what resources there are for information on off season events in Michigan, 2023? I heard about a spreadsheet but the one I found seemed mostly empty? Are there any good resources to help me find information about the 2023 off season in Michigan?


The dates on the landing page seem correct for 2023 (Thursday - Saturday), but team lists and other such things seem to be for 2022 - someone connected with MARC might want to confirm which part(s) of the website are valid and provide an update. :slight_smile:

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Here’s some details on all the events that happened in 2022, which will likely be back in 2023:

  • Big Bang! - Details here
  • Kettering Kickoff - No details out yet, but will most likely be here
  • Goonette’s Invitational - Details here
  • MARC (see above)
  • Rainbow Rumble - Details here
  • WMRI - Details will be here
  • Grand Rapids Girls Robotics Competition - Details will be here
  • Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash - Details will be here
  • Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition - Site has been rearranged since the 2022 comp, so I’d just keep an eye out for a post in a bit

If you’re curious what events have happened in past seasons, the best way I’ve found is to look the statbotics event page and set the filters to “State: Michigan” and “Offseason Only”


Big Bang has information on 280’s Facebook page so far. June 30 - July 1, with optional load-in on June 29.

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I’m surprised Matt found time to do MARC.

I saw this posted a while back as well.


We are looking at bringing back Robocon this year! (many have asked)
Not as big with all the activities too, but full off-season comp & some extras.

Just looking at possible dates. Nothing concrete.

Also, for volunteers & teams…
We are thinking of a later start schedule. We did slightly last time in 2021 and the volunteers (and some teams) thanked us for not having early mornings. Thoughts are welcome, but we’ll probably still schedule what works and hope we get the help and teams! :slight_smile:

Robots in the dark (but not really) would be a neat twist, but no clue how we’d figure out that for safety and everything else. Lights out at MSC sparked some team member’s thoughts here!


Rainbow Rumble is good vibes. Completing recommend, especially if you’d like to support our LGBTQ+ friends and family in FIRST!


Guess I aught to actually get around to updating that website… :melting_face:


If you do we can return your bad battery bucket we had to borrow at Kettering 2. I think we bought a new one and dropped it off as a replacement but I can’t remember. Thanks again! Helped us out In a pinch definitely! (Team 453)


Update on the 2023 Goonettes Invitational - applications (and volunteer sign-ups) are now OPEN!

Link to Chief Delphi post: HERE

Visit goonettesinvitational.org or email [email protected] for more information!

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The Kettering Kickoff will once again be held as two separate competitions.
Kettering Kickoff 1 will be Saturday, September 23, 2023.
Kettering Kickoff 2 will be Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Both events will be open to teams outside of Michigan as well.

Teams will also have an opportunity to load-in their pit supplies early by participating in a campus tour followed by pizza with Kettering professors.

Details will soon be available at kettering.edu/first


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