Michigan State Championship Reflection 2023

Now that states is over and everyone had a few days to reflect, I just want to know your opinion on how the event went. Did you enjoy the event, how were the divisions after the reshuffle, were your predictions on who was going to win correct, any criticisms, etc.

Congratulations to not only our new state champions and Impact Award and all the other teams that got awards from their divisions, but to also all the teams that competed this past weekend and to also the teams that didn’t qualify for states.


We were in Aptiv before an after the shuffle. I much preferred our division before the shuffle!

All in all is was the high quality event that I have come to expect from MSC. My only complaint is that the floors in the pits are absolutely awful. That roll out tile has gotten progressively worse over the years, and there were entire chunks of the floor that would just fall apart and trip people when someone stepped on it wrong. I appreciate that they ended up covering the problem areas with tarp eventually, but I really hope they have a good solution in place at the start of the event next year.


Did anyone have trouble with sending pit crews into the queue in playoff matches? During the event, someone asked Q282 in the Q&A:

Given the answer to Q157, how should teams approach a scenario where event staff restricts the ability for pit crew members to enter the queueing area? Specifically the document for FiM District Championship contradicts Q157. “Teams are allowed to bring 3 additional people and items from their pits out by their field after the completion of Round 3”. This doc is linked at STATE CHAMPIONSHIP – FRC under FIM-Specific Information.

This wasn’t answered before the end of the event, and currently still hasn’t been answered.

thank you for making a post. i want reflect on not only states but the whole year so far, i’m from team 1506 and i have got to say this year has been amazing. we competed and won, both kettering week one and standish-sterling week 3. we had felt that our bot wasn’t good enough as is and updated where we felt necessary, and then when the divisions came out i was like yay aptiv again, and that quickly changed when we got switched to ford. I honestly thought we would have been nocked out in the finals and not even make it out of the division, but lo and behold we outscored some of the best teams in the state to get to “FIMstein”. I truly am super proud of my team and I hope to continue this amazing season to Worlds. If you are looking to help one of the michigan state champions please consider donating at the following link: Team1506.com


As someone who had a “Playoff Support” badge on Consumers Field, I can confirm that I had zero issues entering the queue at any point during Elims, including before round 3.


Safety escorts!

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The reason there was two different kinds of badges was an offshoot of that unanswered Q&A. They had only made enough badges for “after Round 3” as was stated in the FIM-Specific information page. When they realized that was incorrect per the Manual, additional badges were made up.

As a volunteer, I can say that yet again, MSC was top notch. The ECs did a superb job keeping us well fed and organized, and everyone that I interacted with was full of enthusiasm and excitement. I look forward to MSC every year simply because it runs so smoothly (even in snowstorms) and the people - Mentors, Students, Volunteers and SVSU support staff all want to be there to experience one of the greatest events in FRC every year! And, we learned that a game in the dark would be very cool and fun to watch!


I am chiming in for a few points:

(1) I wish the load-in/drop-off could have been a Wednesday night thing. Having a drop-off be Thursday morning made enforcement a challenge as teams were lining up to get inspected well before 9:30AM (opening time for the pits).
(2) As stated above, the floor tiles are getting worn and we were covering up rough patches with garbage bins to prevent people from walking in that area.
(3) While the cell service and wifi was notably improved from previous years in the pits, the service in the Ryder Center itself was still nonexistent. That infrastructure needs much improvement especially with the move to use FRCqueue at events.

With those being said, this event was incredible and such a blast to be a part of each year! The spirit of the teams and the incredible competition makes this event special. Even when the RNGesus put our alliance against 33, 67, and 2767, the match was still fun to play and to watch.

Looking forward to next year already!


Agree with all 3 points:

  1. Wednesday load-in would be better - makes everything feel less rushed
  2. Floor tiles were worse than ever. The direction they were laid out this year changed, making the long run the bumpier version. I felt bad for all the teams at the far end.
  3. I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done, but just being able to get a cell signal in the arena would be a huge improvement.

All that said, we had a great time. I always love going to MSC and re-connecting with teams/people that I haven’t seen since last year.


As the team with the pit that was the farthest away from the fields, I agree.

It was quite the hike to get to the field and back, and at times with only a 4 match break it was hardly worth it to return to our pit so there was a spot we would have a couple pit crew members meet us. Our pit was very quiet though, with very little robot and human traffic going by.

Looking back this is funny, but at the time very stressful. We come off the field in playoffs, with mystery swerve issues and 15 minutes before we need to get back on the field. We stop at our usual spot just for some volunteers to tell us we have to move. Panic moment, there is not enough time for us to return and fix the issues. So we crash at 107s empty pit, our friends from the area. They were a bit surprised to find us there, but incredibly kind and understanding as always, and offered us the use of anything in their pit. And we made it back on the field in time!


I am so sorry to have missed y’all. (I was under siege to a nasty virus and stayed home. ) but my husband had a lovely time volunteering and talking to all the teams. He finally understood why I volunteer at FiM events I don’t have a team.

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States was, from my perspective, incredible this year. After competing through the toughest schedule in the building according to Statbotics, (Alright, fine, it is numerically a tie) we were picked to be on an incredible alliance, and 1189 made it to FIMstein for the FIRST time in the team’s history. Being a part of The CC Frogheads (later Da CC Frogheads) was a wonderful experience. We made our way through some of the wildest matches I’ve ever seen (sorry to 3620, 3767, 7211, 1718, 5460, and 8179) and we also closely won some straightforward matches as well (sorry to 2832, 245, 302, 1025, 862, and 4362). As we head to Houston next week, I must also thank everybody in FIM who made this season possible who include but are not limited to:

  • Event Coordinators
  • CSAs
  • FTAs
  • Field Reset
  • Robot Inspectors
  • Game Announcers
  • Dalton
  • Josh
  • Anna
  • Tom Nader
  • Brian Graham
  • The incredible… Lead Queuer Mr. Hays!
  • All of the parents who help run our team.
  • Our incredible Mentors.
  • Our Sponsors
  • Our Alliance partners at Competitions
  • Everybody else who I’ve surely forgotten to mention.

It was awesome, as always!

My only nit pick would be to have more or bigger practice areas- the practice field lines were really long at times.

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While my team did not make the cut for States :frowning: , I still made the trip out to Saginaw. This was my last year in FRC and I could not let myself leave without experiencing MSC. It was amazing getting to watch/meet teams that I had only ever seen on TBA as well as reconnecting with all of my FRC connections that I had made in the past 4 years!

I wanna give a quick shoutout to 3322 - Eagle Evolution for letting me sit and cheer with them during their matches and to 4327 - Q Branch for letting me chill in their pit and play cards. You guys are my 2 favorite non 1076 teams!

My only complaint was that the cell service was less than par which made meeting up with people a pain but other than that MSC definitely lived up to the hype and I hope that I can be back next year to support my team!


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