Michigan State Championship Video Archive

Sorry it took so long! We finally finished uploading all the match videos from this last weekend at the Michigan State Championship. Please right click and download them rather than letting them buffer (it’ll take forever). Videos are approximately 30mb and are unedited from the time they were recorded.

2009 Michigan State Championship Video Archive
Match Team Numbers, Scores, and Statistics

I will start uploading these to TBA this weekend. We will also post all the match videos from both the Kettering and Lansing Districts in the near future.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems!


Thanks for puting these up, nice high quality videos!

Spotted an error on your video page: all video links past match 66 are not linking to the correct video, they are all linking to match 66. All of the matches do appear to be up though.

Thanks, problem fixed.

this is really cool of you guys! now we can show our matches to our class at school when we get back! i see troy and kettering if im not mistaken are coming too? ncie work man!

btw, match 17 and match 69 seem to have dead links

Thank you.

Since we only recorded at the events we attended, we will only have Kettering and Lansing (not Troy).


Link to semi2 match2 is linked to sem1 match 1.

Thanks! … fixed.

Quarterfinal 3 Match 3 links to q4m4

Thanks again … fixed.