Michigan State Championship

I was absolutely blown away by the level of play at the Michigan State Championship. Every year it’s an extremely competitive event, but this year seemed to take it even further. The scoring power was massive. I am incredibly proud to be a part of FIRST in Michigan.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to team 469, the Las Guerillas, for picking us to join your alliance. I’m sure that was not an easy decision with the number of superb teams to choose from. It was incredible playing with you guys. Thank you.

Also, a shout-out to team 217. You were the perfect second pick for our alliance, and it really showed. Thank you for your awesome performance.

Finally, a big thank-you to all of the volunteers who put this event together. It was the best FIRST event I’ve ever been to- everything was well organized and moved smoothly and without problems. Michigan truly has the best volunteers, refs, judges, and event planners.

And thank you bulldogs for helping create that perfect 15 disc 90 point auton!

That autonomous seriously blew my mind. Great job, and see ya in St. Lou!


Wow!. What a crazy weekend.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the MSC. You all worked very hard to get here and should be proud.

First and foremost congratulations to teams 2337, 27 and 503 for a well deserved Chairman’s award.

Team 469 - It was great to work with you once again. It is always a pleasure standing behind the glass with such a great team. Your performance on the field is second only to your professionalism. You were the back bone of this alliance and carried us in that final match. It is definitely more fun playing with you than against you. I am sure we will see you on Einstein.

Team 217 - I am happy we got the chance to work with my former team mates and brother. I speak for our entire team when I say it was great to share the field with you.

The number one alliance, you guys put up a brutal fight to the end. I know if you were all working 100%, the out come would have been very different.

Team 2054 - A hard earned number one seed. I can’t wait to see what the future hold’s for this team and it’s well crafted machine.

Team 67 - Once again…SCARY. This team never ceases to amaze me. You guy’s have built a team that strives for excellence and always seems to find it. The first match of finals showed the results of this excellence.

Team 2337 - The fact that you guys were available as a number two pick speaks volumes to the depth of field at MSC. Great job in the finals. And once again congrats on Chairman’s.

To all the volunteers that make FIM the great success that it is…THANK YOU!
To Rob and all of the field crew, great job keeping matches running smoothly and on time.

Every year it is great to see a speak with Tito, Marge, Adam, Jim, Isaac, Tom, Dan, Cindy and anyone else I am forgetting. Can’t wait for St. Louis.

Finally I would like to congratulate my friends, team 2851, for qualifying for the World Championship. I know you guys have had a difficult year with the loss of Mays and I hope this helps move the team forward. Good luck.

From the out of state teams, thank you to all the teams at the Michigan State Championship for putting on a show, and thank you to Detroit Public Television for broadcasting what may be the greatest viewing experience ever.

The Robocubs had an absolute riot and would like to especially thank everyone who we totally blindsided and had talk to our middle schoolers on Friday!

Joe, Ellen, Alysa, Melissa, Anton, Jody, Nikki and Ryan, Debbie, anyone I’ve forgotten (sorry! We still love you!), everyone was a perfect sport and really helped to “Do The I” for us!

When it comes to FIRST, if you want to capture the hearts, imaginations, hands and minds of prospective students, there is NOTHING more powerful than visiting a competition. That’s what snagged me the first time, and has continued to drive the hooks in deeper again and again. When those kids saw how much fun there was to be had at an FRC event, some of them changed. I can’t say for certain yet, but I believe that MSC just might have altered a few of those kids’ lives in a positive way.

It means so much to me, as one of the mentors/coaches of ~30/40 beautiful young minds, that some of the people and teams who I’ve come to love and be inspired by from FRC could help introduce some kids to this wonderful, beautiful, crazy, insane, fantastic thing we call FIRST. If in my life I achieve nothing except being a part of the multitude of people who, with unparalleled, undying excitement and passion inspire just one of those kids, I will be able to die happy knowing that someone else was able to feel what I feel as a FIRST student.

And of course, congratulations to all the winning teams! Y’all earned it, no question!