Michigan State Championships???

Does any one know why Teams 469, 1918, and 2834 had to win three games in the finals instead of just the normal two games?


They didn’t. See: http://www2.usfirst.org/2010comp/events/GL/matchresults.html

Final 1 was a 18-18 tie.
Final 2 was a 15-13 win for Red.
Final 3 was a 13-8 win for Blue.
Then the tie of Final 1 was replayed, resulting in a 14-12 win for Red. This replaces the 18-18 tie in the match results list.

TBA scrapes results off FIRST’s site, and has to fudge in the replayed matches. They evidently copied Match 2 as Match 4 rather than adding in the 18-18 tie.

TBA made a mistake and one of those matches should be an 18-18 tie.

Issues with TBA, FMS and tie matches explainedhere

The quick answer is “they didn’t”. There is some oddity between the way FIRST presents eliminations matches (they apparently don’t handle >3 matches in a pairing elegantly), and that confuses TBA, who uses the FIRST data to fill their pages (and beautifully, too, I might add :slight_smile: ).

The first finals match ended in an 18-18 TIE ! I think the next was 15-13 RED, then 8-13 BLUE, and finally 14-12 RED.

something similar happened when you look at the Lone Star Regional

Thank you very much.

and Northstar didnt actually end in a tie, butFIRST page says so too. There were actually 2 ties and 2 Red wins if you check FRC-Spy which interprets frcfms on twitter. Lots of places to find the data, sometimes you have to cross check them with each other